Can't set button's Y property

I’d like to be able to have a button change positions when it’s clicked. [I accidentally used the When Screen Opens block instead of the When Button Clicked block but it’s the same issue either way.] But when I try to select the button’s Y property, I get an error. See this video (no sound) for a demo of the problem:

You’ll see this in the video but here’s a screenshot of what happens when I try to set the property to Y:

Sorry, that y property should not be there. We’ll remove it.

It’s a beta drag and drop property only, but accidentally got out to the main release.

:frowning: Okay. Would be cool to use that property but I’ll find another way to do what I need.

I’ve seen X/Y Properties on a number of controls including text boxes, loading icons, labels, switches, and maps. Are these errors too?