Button not registering clicks properly

I don’t understand why this is happening. I know that if you layer components, say a label on top of a button, it affects their click event handling and prevents it from working. [Aside: I think that needs to be modified because a click event should occur no matter what the positioning and layering of components. You can always choose to ignore a stray click that you don’t want to handle but you can’t magically add in a click event where one doesn’t exist.]

But in this case, I don’t think there is anything on top of the button. Here’s the layout:

When I use this layout in a Data Viewer List (DVL), it only registers a click for the “When DVL Item Click” block if I tap on the very left or right edge of the button. You can see the faint boundary lines to the left and right of the button text “Item”. If I tap within the center 90% of the button, it doesn’t register the click.

care to reshare? have you tried building this out in a layout yet?

Hey @jared, I shared the project links in the chat. Do you need them here to or will that suffice? I’m not sure what you mean by building this out in a layout…?

  1. I don’t work for Thunkable anymore. Working for a company called EcoMap Technologies out of Baltimore now. Working in Bubble and Xano all day long

  2. The new layout component is great for this type of thing. I’ve not had any issues using buttons in my cloned components.

Oh sorry, didn’t realize!

Hmm, I’ll try the layout components. Thanks.

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That sounds promising but I’m not having much luck. I created a layout with a container that has a button inside. I gave the button a background color and text and saved the Layout component as a custom layout:

But then when I go to select it as the DVL layout, it shows up blank (the last two or three entries are blank) and clicking in that area doesn’t do anything:

Alright, I figured out the cause of the blank entries in the DVL layout list. I needed to save the Container, not the Layout. Once I do that, it shows up correctly in the selection list. But… even after that, the button inside the container only registers taps on the very edges of the buttons.

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