How can I delete only certain items from the list?

Like the picture
If there is [e] in the list, I want to delete [e].

When I press the delete button first, [e] disappears.
If I press the delete button after that, it disappears from the end of the list.
If I keep pressing the delete button, all the items in the list will be deleted.

What I want is
First I delete the [e] by pressing the delete button. And I press delete button afterwards. At this time, there is no [e] so it should not be deleted.
How can I implement this?

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I solved it, but this is the right way?

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If an item in the list is not found, the search block returns 0, and the delete block from the list deletes the first item from the end. If you pass -1 to the delete block, the second element from the end will be deleted. I think you understand the algorithm of this block.

This is a bug of the system. The fact is that working with lists in Thunkable X is implemented artificially, not the way it works in programming languages.

guess what will be shown in the list if you specify Intex 0, 1 or -1