Can I search and delete lists by text? Index number is unknown


I want to delete [e] from the list in the picture. The index number is 5, but the index number is unknown.
I only know that there is [e] in the list.
How can I delete [e]?

In fact, the list contains 12000 texts.

It works like a picture.
Is this the right way?

Hi, @mom7667yafy! :wave’

The “first occurrence” block doesn’t return the index accurately (for me it never did).
Try this to find the index -


This would return the perfect/accurate index.

Thanks! :wave:

I’m a beginner. I don’t know what a block means.


Can you give an example of a problem with returning an exact index with help of “first occurrence”?

Can you explain it in an easier block?
My way seems to be something wrong.

Yes, this is the right way.