Hourglass indicator

Is there a way to create an Hourglass indicator with thunkable?
I was thinking of changing the dimension of an object with a coloured background ,placing in front of it an hourglass shape mask, but i don’t know if it’s possible to overlap objects and if there are other better ways.
thank you :wink:

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An easier way is to find a GIF with the rotating hourglass and use it.

Check this:


Should you want to use the image, please see the notice in the website to view the terms and conditions

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Or a Lottie animation:

But if you need control over the hourglass contents, then you will have to build the animation yourself, frame by frame, or overlap masking shapes as you mentioned.


I don’t need the image of an hourglass but to control it.
The behaviour should be as a progression bar with hourglass shape:)
Working with percentage it could be made by 1 hundred images but it seems more tricky than overlap a mask

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I made a quick demo of how you can achieve something close to the hourglass using blocks.


When you click on the button, it will form like a pyramid inside the column. This could be a starting point for you if I get what you mean this time.


Nice try, but too much related to pixel dimensions and shape.
So there is no way to overlap two object?
What about using canvas? Could it be a way?

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Yes you can overlap objects. It is possible and a lot easier in DnD.

Yes you can use canvas.

Either way, it would be very difficult to help without you coming up with what you tried and a visual representation of what you want to achieve.

clessidra.zip (2.3 MB)
This is a quick example of what I would like to do.
As you can see, there’s an hourglass shape in front of two (3 with the vertical rectangle) objects that change their dimensions.
Hope this help to undestrand my will.
thank you.

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