Hi, how to display data from Firebase by FIND Button


hi, im joe. Can anybody guide me how to call/appear/display data from firebase by using FIND / SEARCH BUTTON.

this my database

this my display screen.

Thanks in advance

If you are searching Firebase and are using the exact item you are looking for you can just call get tag with the tag you typed into search. If error then say item not found. and if it’s there return its value(s)


sorry @eoinparkinson, im still cant get the solution…never found TAG in Thunk X.
i use to try but never happen.

My idea is to CALL/GET MA19… and display the result like this:


please anybody guide me because im totally failed…:frowning: :cry: :sob:

To do this, you need to use the block get object properties of get a list of names of child nodes, and then use the block get property of object get the values ​​of the desired node properties. Simply put, you need to first understand how the blocks category Objects work