Keyword search firebase problem

Hi guys,
I am a beginner and I apologize if I speak inaccurately. This is my first post. I couldn’t find any solution on our group, so maybe some of you will be able to help me.
I have a problem with searching firebase by keywords. My database is a list of objects, each of which has a list of tags and one url. If the tag list contains the searched word then returns the url (in the form of a list)
I would like the user choosing a TAG to receive a list of all objects (“url” exactly) that have this TAG on their tag list.
I get tired of it all day …



Hi @SaneFungus. Welcome to
The community and thanks for posting! :open_hands:

Click the image to be taken to my blog where you can find this remix link and others!

Check it out. Remix the app. Look at the code. It may be on track with what you want

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Thank you very much jared! I appreciate your work.

Sounds like it was helpful for you?

In this tutorial is a lot of information, but unfortunately i have trouble with understanding what’s going on in blocks. It is not copy paste situation. I can’t find out what is a clue… I feel stupid. I feel I need to be guided step by step. :frowning: I thought it’s simple thing but i spend hours on that and it doesn’t work.

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Sorry but the link is not working. I am unable to create a search for the firebase DB. I need to search for e.g. Airport name or aircraft type or reporter and matching text input need to search the DB to generate a list containing all the fields.

Can you repost the link. Its not working. Thanks.

Hi, could you share the solution, its no longer showing up. Thanks.

também gostaria de saber a solução para esse problema…