Hi, everyone! I'm Matt, the newest member of the Creator Success Team @ Thunkable

Thunkers, hello! :wave:

I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. I’m Matt, and I’m joining the Thunkable team as a Technical Product Support Specialist. My main goal as part of @Thunkable_Staff will be in helping to create a top class support system for all Thunkable users. You’ll see me around here a lot, helping to get any and all bug issues communicated to our engineering teams so they can solve them in a timely manner.

I’ve only made one small app so far but love what Thunkable can do and am excited to learn so much more about it.

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and love all things craft beer :beers: and English Premier League football :soccer:

Always feel free to reach out if there is anything I can help with!



Hi Matt, welcome!

I was just wondering who at Thunkable is facilitating user bug reports on the Forums and GitHub and connecting with the community here. Great to know that you’re filling that role.

Nice little app… I made an app last year that reports Premier League scores via an API. I didn’t build it out much because the API wasn’t keeping up to date but it was a fun little side project.

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Welcome to the team @conroy ! Excited to work with you on all things Thunkable :rocket:

@tatiang Nice! Do you remember what API you were trying to use? I was really hoping to add some functionality for a schedule and scores into my app as a stretch goal.

The API is at https://fixturedownload.com. The URL I was using was https://fixturedownload.com/feed/json/epl-2021.

And… I just realized why the scores weren’t updating! The end of the url is 2021 but it needs to be 2022. :rofl:

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I hear that part is helpful. Although, I am a Palace supporter and am rather happy to re-live the 2021 season, we did quite well.

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Parsing the JSON from that API is not easy or maybe it was converting the date & time that wasn’t easy… anyway, if you need any help, let me know.

This is actually a pretty interesting way to search for data using Google:

https://serpapi.com/search.json?q=premier%20league%20scores%20this%20week&key=[API Key]

You’ll need an API key from Google Sports Results API - SerpApi.

The JSON results are too long to post but here’s an excerpt: