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First time poster here!

I’ve been teaching elementary students how to build apps with Thunkable this school year. I will be visiting a school that is learning about habitats, and specifically the habitat of the Karner Blue butterfly. We are going to make a simulation that shows how humans can promote the growth of the butterfly population by burning back brush (for a video on this, see here: Uniquely NH: Karner blue butterfly - YouTube).

I have two problems with my test file so far.

#1 - I would love to make it more efficient. Can I accomplish the same project with less steps? I have limited time, and 10 year olds can only do so much in one sitting!

#2 - I set a global variable to keep track of the “score” so the user knows that they “won” when all the brush is burned back. But if they burn the same brush sprite twice, the score still goes up. How do I make it so the score does not increase if the same image sprite is collided with a second or third time?

I apologize if these questions have been answered in the forum before. I searched already for answers to these but was not successful. Thanks for any help you can give!

Butterfly_Test.aia (1.0 MB)


Hi @Heather_Drolet,

Welcome to the community - great to see you here, your tweets are amazing!

#1: When I have a big group of students and a limited amount of time I usually put a template of the app online and then get them to clone this template, hopefully this old example still works:

(thanks to @albert for showing me how to do this)

You could use a url shortening service like or to get your students up and running quickly.

#2: Maybe add a list to keep track of burned sprites and if the touched sprite is not already in the list then increase the score? I’m sure there are other ways to go about this, but it sound like a nice way to differentiate your lesson.

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Thanks so much Domhnall! I appreciate the help!