Need help with my mini-app (Butterbrot)

Dear Thunkers, I wrote my first litte App (for a primary school task) with 2 screens and it worked good - until I changed the pictures/sprites. Now in the preview everything ist fine. But downloaded, the second screen (long-press on button) doesn’t show up correctly - just the headline and back button show, the middle ist missing (instead it is white). I already compared the old with the new coding - only the amount and names of the sprites (= pictures) are different. Here ist the link:
PLEASE, could anyone help me?
Thanx :), Steffi

hallo @steffi4640 :wave:

This looks like a fun app! When I tried it out long clicking the button on screen1 brought me to screen2 and long clicking the buttons on screen2 brought be back to screen1.

Can you confirm that this is working for you now?