Help with possibly adding a feature in my app

im trying to build a deck building app for a trading card game called flesh and blood and so far im using airtable to store the images of pictures and names of cards but I want to include filters so when people are searching for cards in the app , they wont have to go through a whole list. does anyone know how I can include that or which resources I should refer to. is there a database I should use instead of airtable or will airtable work to make a filter?

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Airtable works great for this but you’ll need to use their filterByFormula API commands.


Check this post (and thread) too.

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im trying to make it where I list the names of the cards, when someone presses it shows the image on a separate screen. that so far has been working and then I tried doing it with the filter based whats under the field class. when I tried it , it looks like it returned something line by line instead of how I want it to look.can anyone help me fix this? I attached a picture of the table im referencing, how I want it to look and how it looks with my current attempt on making a filter

The response (green response block) you get from the AirTable API is going to be formatted as JSON. It’s not a list that you can assign to a list viewer as you’ve done.

You’ll need to parse the JSON text. The best thing to do is to assign the green response block to a Text Input’s Text and then preview the project. Copy the response from the Text Input field and post it here. It’s best to “bookend” the text with ``` above it and ``` below it. That will retain the correct formatting on the forums. Then I can suggest the best way to get the data you need in a list format.

i wasnt able to put in a text input , but it worked for a label. i will just link the project as well in case that helps

Here’s a modified version that puts the JSON response in a Text Input at the top of the screen and displays the list of names in the List Viewer:

Project link: Thunkable

This is the JSON response when formatted at Best JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier Online with the properties path to the “Name” property shown at the top:

For more details about how to parse JSON, see my API tutorial here: API JSON Tutorial (Video)


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