Help with Firebase and Thunkable Children

I am new to Thunkable and databases and I am having a hard time implementing a database into my app. The general idea of my app is to save multiple PRs (Personal Records) for track athletes. However, many athletes participate in multiple events (100m dash, Javelin, Shotput, etc.). My problem first arose when I tried to set objects as values in Local Storage. Due to this, I decided to switch over to a Firebase Realtime database as I would now be able to see the data, in a third party application. My main issue now seems to be adding children to values in the database through Thunkable. In the firebase console I can click the plus button and create this BetterFirebaseExample
This would work great for what I am trying to do, except I cannot figure out how to add the children through Thunkable, if it is even possible. On top of this, I cannot figure out how I would call these. If there is any other way to do what I am trying to do, please let me know. Any help you guys could provide would be awesome.

Just add the “directory” to the tagname. If it does not exist it will be created as long as a value is added

tag Name/Javelin/
Value 15,43,2

@Cian_O_Sullivan How would I do this with Thunkable blocks though? That is the part I cannot figure out.

Just add the name of the “directory” you want to the tag name.

Do you know how to use tags and values?

@Cian_O_Sullivan I was able to figure out how to save those values in different events, but now I want to call all the events (Javelin, Shotput, Etc.) of one athlete to be displayed as follows.

Athlete Name
Javelin - PR
Shotput - PR

Is there anyway to do this?

You need to get the parent tag, which gives a list of tags, then with that list do a loop to get the other tags and values.

Can you make a quick example? I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

Please go through the docs and try some examples.

Tags don’t exist in Thunkable X do they?

I am having the same problem as Colby - I want to access children of my Firebase root - but without a Tag component in Thunkable X, unless I know what the name of the children are ahead of time, how would I be able to pull out a list and stick it in a list-view (as an example where the names of the children branches are indeed variables).


Just a naming issue

Review this

Have you had any luck @orbify ?