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Hello everyone! So one of the elementary schools in my school district came to me and my club at the high school to see if we could design an app for pickup time at the end of the day. Basically, we need to create an app in which a teacher who is outside with the cars, will ask for the parent’s first and last name, and then the teacher can search for that person, tap a button, and then it will send a notification to the teacher inside saying the names of the students listed under that parent to be sent outside. Is this possible? Also, we need there to be a function in which the teachers can create a new parent at any time and create and assign students to them any time they need to. If there is also a way to create like custom barcodes for each parent they can pull out, then the teacher just needs to scan it for the notification to be sent, that’d also be great. I know this is a lot of questions, but any help would be great!

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I’m sure you could make this but it would be a lot of work.

We use SchoolPass at my school. It does everything you mentioned. Have you consider just using that?


Hello, I can no longer post a topic to ask questions that’s why I have to do it in response to a subject that has little to do with it. I apologize in advance

I notice that it is no longer possible to download our applications from the iOS system. I don’t understand why… Is this normal or a temporary bug? It is no longer offered in the downloads.
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you have to get it to the app store first since iOS doesn’t allow local apps.

I haven’t thought about that, but we need to make the app ourselves. That’s the point of our club! We take in projects, and create what they ask. We actually use an app called SchoolCore that we created just for our school last year for scheduling for a class.

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That’s nice to hear but if you come to the community and ask for others to build then technically you are not building the app yourself.

I’m not asking for anyone to build it for us, I’m just asking for tips and help to use to get started is all.

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You need to show us what you tried and where you get stuck to see how we can provide help if we can.

I don’t see in the post that you shared your project link or at least screenshots of your code.

That sounds awesome! I think it’s great to create your own custom apps for your school. I just know that what you’re describing would probably take me something like 30 hours to make and test. But if you have the time, go for it!

The forums are a good place to post what you’re working on, what you’ve tried (screenshots or project links are very helpful), and where you’re stuck or what’s not working right.

I can’t describe each of the things you mentioned in detail because I don’t have the time but as I said, they should all be possible. It’s just a question of tackling each one and finding resources (YouTube videos, forums posts, etc.) to help you.

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Did you figure it out?

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