Help with App for Reccommendation

I am a middle school teacher and I am trying to help an after school coding club code an app that will ask a series of questions and then recommend some of our favorite movies. I am able to get them to create a quiz app that has correct answer, with feedback, but I am struggling with how to assign a point value in the DB based on answer choice. Example answer A is always comedy, so it gets 1 point, B is Drama and gets 2 pts.
I would like to have a result if score between a & B recommend these movies, between c & d recommend these.
Any ideas?? I may be doing this all wrong, but I AM STUCK!

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Nest your if then loops.

If Score > A {
If Score < B {
Then Show movielist1 }
else if Score >C {
If Score < D {
Then Show movielist2 }
else Show Text = No Choice


Thank you this worked amazingly well.