Help speeding up my Gallery

In your sample project, the image has no border. I added a 4-pixel border and it does clone the border but the preview is a bit off:

It does look correct if I use a button instead of an image:

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So that’s an interesting bug. When I remove the “when image 1 click” block, everything looks great. When it’s present, the image becomes square (corners not rounded) and sits on top of the curved border.

I think @tatiang’s suggestion to switch to a button is a good one, if there aren’t other functions you need that require it to be an image. Another option would be to keep it as an image but to overlay a transparent square on top of it, and respond to clicks on THAT. If you want help setting that up, let me know.

Do you want to file a bug report on GitHub? This is certainly a bug.

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I’m not seeing this - when I clone an image with a border, the border still shows up. I /do/ see problems with border parameter not copying over when I use the duplicate button in designer, but not here.

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There seems to be a problem with image positioning. I replaced the Dropbox image with one from my computer and I see this with Picture Resize Mode set to “contain” (the orange background is a background color I selected):

But when previewing it, the picture goes beyond the border of the component:

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And here’s the same image with a red border set to no radius (zero) and Picture Resize Mode set to “cover”:

I enlarged the image to 250 x 250.

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I use buttons in my project, but buttons don’t cache the Background Pictures, so they load not so fast. Because of that I was trying to use images instead of buttons.

That would be awesome. I am looking forward to your help.

Well, I will certainly do that tomorrow.

Here’s my structure - the landmark is an image, and “blocker_label” is a label that’s sometimes transparent. I clone the whole column when I clone.

Here’s the column:
Blocker_label has absolute height and width that match the image (landmark) underneath.
Notice Blocker_label’s advanced settings are set to absolute:
and Z-index puts it on top of the landmark image:
Set it to transparent (regular settings) if you want to see through it.
Landmark has absolute sizing that matches the sizing of blocker_label. I actually set both with blocks.

Then you need a block for when the label is clicked. (Add your own logic - mine probably doesn’t suit.)

I have some problem with the background picture as well, there is a space on the right, if I set the width property of a container:

See my project: Thunkable

This is intriguing. How did you figure that out? I may have to switch the buttons in my Photo Journal app to images.


Well, there is an option for that in the Advanced tab:


I saw those… I wasn’t sure what they do. No documentation on them so I was going to ask @jane if she could explain. :slight_smile:


I am wondering too.

But note, cloning images with borders don’t work. :rofl:

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I haven’t yet seen evidence of this - do you have a simple example that reproduces it? I see that image borders are bugged when the image is clickable, but that has nothing to do with cloning.

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You set your width to 95%, so of course there’s space on the right - that’s the other 5% of the screen. :slight_smile:

You are right. Cloning does work, but the borders are bugged. Sorry.

There shouldn’t be a space, as I have a background picture set for the row. Here is the preview it does display good, but on my iPhone it doesn’t:

See my project above.

If I set the width of the row for 70%, I get this on my iPhone:

Right here - you have the width of the row set to 95%, which means you’re going to have a stripe on the side next to the row. Oh… are you saying it isn’t filling the 95% wide row? Whats your background picture resize mode set to? Set to cover.

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I found some info about cache settings:

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I have already tried that before, but it does that weird thing:

Btw, showing me this setting was absolutely helpful in my project, thanks!


In your screen shot, you’re showing it set to contain.

Is the red from the row, or does the container holding that row also have a red background?