Help needed with Sprites Colliding?

Hi can someone help with this issue I am having?
I am trying to get the sprite (WATER) to hide when it collides with the Plastic Recycle Bin sprite.
Each time I run the code it… the screen freezes when both sprites touch each other.

Please advise?
Link to project is:

When I Live Test this on my iPhone 11, when the water sprite collides with the plastic recycle bin sprite, it changes the background color just like in your blocks:

When I preview it in a browser, the game screen is just blank and it never seems to load the canvas.

Thanks having same issue with browser testing.
Are you able to get the water bottle to hide upon it colliding? When I test that… The screen just freezes

You didn’t have the hide block in the right place. Can you post an updated project with it?

Here is the link updated: thanks

I don’t know why but it’s crashing even with only these blocks on the screen: