Help needed - I want to modify an old thunkable .aia

Hello, I need someones help with an older App Project.

Alex Gyver from russia made an awsome app in thunkable years ago. He gave me his .aia file so tha tI can translate the app to english and make it accassable to the community. (The app is for controlling an ESP2866 with a 16x16 LED Matrix via wify).

Unfortunately I do not have an old thunkable account - nether has he anymore. Therefore I cannot import the aia file anywhere. It does not work in MIT App Inventor as there were thunkable items used and the MIT App Inventor gives me an import error.

So I look for someone who would be so kind to import the aia into his old thunkalbe classic account and export it in a way that it can be importat to thunkable X.

Please let me know if you would help me/us to make the app even better fore everyone.

Thank you!!

This is not possible.
Classic cannot convert to X.
And it can’t create New projects

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Thanks for letting us know!