Help me with the database

I need your help.

  • Currently working on a project of abstracts for high school students, with subjects such as: Biology, Mathematics, Physics…

  • The contents of our abstracts are made in blocks of images, one below the other, and this is making the app very heavy, 36 mb with few abstracts. My question is how do I save these summaries (images) in a database and decrease the size of the app.

  • Our app is basically made up of home screens, where biology, mathematics, physics are included. That has its respective buttons that when clicked go to sub-subjects and then to the summaries

  • I’ve tried to upload these images on OneDrive to add the images and decrease the total size of the app, it is visible in the app, but it seems that it didn’t work in reducing the size of the app

  • I would like to put these images in a database as there will be many pages

  • obs: I don’t know how to use the blocks wel!


You can always save space by hosting your photos on Cloudinary and referencing the URLS but this also means the users NEED an internet connection.

Did you delete the image from the invisible components section on the design screen?

  • Hi Jared! That’s exactly what I wanted. How could I do that please? It would solve my problem
  • Just by copying the link of each image in Cloudinary and pasting in the “picture” option? or is it necessary to use blocks?