Help Make Our New Docs Ah-mazing! (

Hey Thunkers,

We are working on rolling out some new docs at and was hoping to get your help making them better. This new version has documentation for Android and iOS.

Fortunately our process for updating docs is much quicker and you can give feedback in the docs themselves by clicking on the and starting a discussion.

Albert @ Thunkable


I was making docs by myself with GitBooks & I thought to go to I actually saw this website yesterday for the first time. I could I agree you guys made a great work.

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@albert has spent the entire last month rewriting all the docs, so any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @amrita and @albert,

Maybe also double-check the online hover-over documentation for the blocks? Accurate online documentation speeds things up a bit when developing. (Now, how did I do that before?)


Great point BillG – definitely want to get those added in. Thanks for the feedback.

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This looks amazing, looking forward to going through these properly this weekend!


I have some points:

  1. Add more details to explain each component or block so new users can understand what they do.
  2. Add example for each component or block as a screen shot.

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