[HELP NEEDED] How can we improve our docs?

Hey Thunkers,

We’ve definitely heard your requests for better documentation for our new cross platform ✕. Our current docs are here (docs.thunkable.com) and we want your help making them the best documentation for any app building platform out there.

Please comment in this thread on areas which we could improve to make your app building experience on this platform a lot easier. We’ll do our best to clarify and improve where we can.

Team Thunkable

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Hey Albert,
Do you mean that we suggest new components or just how to improve the documentation that helps new users to understand how Thunkable works?

We have a good sense of which components our community is requesting – so right now, we are just looking for tips on how to improve the documentation.

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A short video about the use of every component in the doc would be very helpful to understand and would make the tutorials videos less needed. Also listing all the components could be much faster instead of having to search again all the time. Also a little info point on the component directly on the platform leading to the doc page could be a way to gain some precious time.

Hope it helps !