Help for streaming radio

I need help to make an app for my streaming radio station. I was able to get a basic app playing in classic but I need an app for both android and iOS. So, I’m starting fresh and have no idea where to begin. I don;t see a specific player that will play a streaming url for both versions. Has anyone successfully made a streaming radio app that works on both android and ios? Can you lead me in the right direction or is there one already created that can be adapted to play my stream? In addition, is it possible with thunkableX to add geotargeting (if this is the correct term) in order to send out push notifications to listeners based on the listeners location? I’d really appreciate the help.

Hey @victorytelevisionstu, welcome to the community. :wave:

Take a look at some of these radio apps for inspiration:

Start with this:

scrRadio in

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Hi, thank you. I took a look but don’t see everything I’m looking for. I’ve tried adding my stream with my blocks but not been successful :frowning:

Hi, I was looking at that a little bit ago. I see it is made for a list. I just want to have a simple app that has a stop button and a play button. Click play and have it play one stream url. Click the stop.

Only other things I want to add is push notifications. Then, later I plan to add ondemand podcasts but that’s after I can find out if a simple one stream url can play with both android and ios.

Thanks much.

I gave you an example. If it works for you on iOS and Android, then change it the way you need it. I’m a little confused as to why you can’t delete the list from my example and make a single url

Most likely because I’m a newbie and trying to figure it out. You are advanced and I hope I can learn how, I’ll look at it again and try. I appreciate your help very much.

Now I understand. You can copy my screen and then paste it into your project.

Thank you. I’ll see what I can do.

Much apprecated.

I clicked on the link and it opened up. Shows I’m using an outdated version but regardless I see the screen for scrRadio. I’ll copy those blocks to my first screen. I’m looking to see how and where to only type in one url and take out the rest of the list and give it a try to see if it plays.

The link you shared for your build…does yours work on both ios and android? I don;t have a way to test ios on a device.

Thanks much.

My example radio works on iOS 12.4.6. I can’t test it on other versions.

I recommend that you try to figure it out for yourself first. First, I recommend that you understand how a list is created and how you can leave only one entry in it. Then replace the list with a single url as you need. Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn how different blocks work. This is the only way you can understand how apps are created.

Thank you. :slight_smile: