Help? Cloudinary downlaods?

Hi, I just created an account to cloudinary and uploades several images and soundfiles with the Cloudinary desktop. Fine.
But now?
How can I use these elements in thunkable?
I only found a block for uploading. But how can I get the elements (by name i.e.) ?


The uploaded resources have a URL. You can assign this URL to audio and image components, or add them to a database, for example, AirTable. Cloudinary in Thunkable X just works like this: we uploades resources through it into the repository, and this component, upon successful loading, returns their URL, which we can save in the database or local storage.

So cloudinary is not the best choice for my app.
I wanted to use images and corresponding sounds from an external source, because assets are limited.
I also tried spreadsheet but it ended in desaster.
How can I use an image i.e. from spreadsheet?

Sample from Mark

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Thank you!
But error „Trouble finding row 1…“

I defined the APIKey as generated.
But what is the BaseID? I used the title of that workspace on top of the window with the table.

The BaseID is only to find out, if you open
Airtable API documentation
and open your project