Gradient background screen color

How do you set a screen color to gradient?
In other apps, I would be able to add two colors and set top - bottom/ left to right and the angle.

Thank you!

You should search the community before creating a new thread.
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maybe this will solve your problem :

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From what I’m gathering. I have to download the extension and upload it to this? → image

You are in the wrong category i changed it. You use Thunkable X and it can not use extensions.

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yes he changed it now. :sweat_smile:

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Sorry for the novice questions. I just started playing around with Thunkable 2 days ago. It’s a huge bummer to not have extensions in X but I get it.

In this case, if I were to have gradient colors on X would I be stuck?
I’m also afraid of running into more issues and limitations moving forward. Any tips?

You could use a gradient background in it self.

use an image instead?


@MyClik, Check out this video. I show you how to design gradient pictures on Canva and then use those pictures in Thunkable.

Happy Coding!