Google Sheets no Connecting

Ok so I’m making an app the measures anxiety and stress levels of the user. So far I have made a connecting database from google sheets and I was able to display the user’s stats with a graph. This was only for the stress levels. The anxiety levels google sheets is not connecting for some reason and i did the exact same steps as the stress levels. Here is the code.

As you can see no data is present in the anxiety google sheets unlike the stress google sheets.

Could it be because you are creating a row in sheet 6 of the Anxiety Google Sheet? How many sheets (tabs) does that Google Sheet have?

Edit: Actually, the first navigate to Home block is going to switch screens before the second create row block has time to fire.

You can nest the create row blocks so that the first one fires and then in the do section, you put the second create row block and then in that second one’s do section, you put the navigate block. You should only have a single navigate block there.

Thankyou, that helped.

Hey @ayushi.yadavtbkw9, happy to see you got this fixed up! It’s always helpful when you share your solution or mark the post that was the solution :slight_smile:

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