Google Play BILLING permission

Hey Team,

Thunkable Pro user would like to earn some of this money back by charging a monthly subscription (both platforms) for a published app. I have not seen this issue resolved anywhere.

Google Play requires In App Billing and reports:

Your app doesn’t have any in-app products yet.
To add in-app products, you need to add the BILLING permission to your APK.
Upload a new APK

Has this been resolved anywhere? Does the classic extension still work?

Thank you.

Thunkable X does not have In-App Billing so what you are asking is currently impossible.

If you had searched the forum you would know that you cannot import or use extensions in Thunkable X.

Instead, you can place ads in your app.

Or you can make a free version with some of your app’s features, and a paid premium version with all of the features.

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Thanks for your constructive feedback, Dean.

I did search the forum and people have been asking for years for In-App billing. Does not look to be a priority item at all.

Not really interested in making money $0.006 at a time for value-added content that should be subscription-based for ongoing services. Believe I have my short answer which is apparently “look elsewhere”.

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hello i use kodular it has in app billing but the forum is also of little help i was hoping to move from free kodular to payed thunkable but it seems that weather you pay or go with a free option there is very little to no support when you really need it and bed for help i hope you come right

This sounds like a valuable contribution to Thunkable, thanks for raising the issue – could you leave a request ticket for the feature here: Issues · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

I know GitHub is the place where the team looks for these ideas and potentially flags them for future production. Of course they also read this forum, but it might get more priority if you wrote about it on GitHub.

Although, I just read that they’re implementing in-app purchases in the near future, so might this resolve the issue?

See here: Summer Release Announcements: Product Updates and Packaging & Pricing Changes | by The Thunkable Team | Jul, 2021 | Thunkable Thoughts - Anyone Can Build a Mobile App Without Coding