Google Play API level 28 Requirement [August 2019]

Thanks man much appreciated

thank you…

5 August and still no update at Thunkable Classic for API 28.
How could we know when the update is ready?


Same Question thst i wanna ask

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can’t wait for the update

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try uploading on playstore

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It is not working still. Very frustrating to put this much time and effort into a new app.

Just wait a couple of days they are fixing this… It’s going to be all fine! :smiley:

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Okay, well thanks for the heads up!

Please Update API Label 28

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can we know about the update on our Emails when the update is happen…

@vishal108416dgaxa announcements are typically made via the community.

If you change your status on this post to “Watching” you will get a notification.


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Video player of thunkable classic shows white screen and play audio with it please help.

Please Give Update On please

Please Do Fast work on API level …
we only trust on Thunkable so give this update as soon as well…
On thunkable classic only we are not a user of Xthunkable, so kindly give update on thunkable classic…

The API 28 update has already been released…

Thunkable classic video player is not working after API update please solve this issue. Thanks in advance.