Google Play API level 28 Requirement [August 2019]

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You need to make sure your entire store listing is complete @karanjoshi1077dd3yd

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when will api level 28 come , will it come on thunkable classic

Sir i agree but my question is when we gonna get API level 28 in thunkable classic . as Google will not accept our apps from augest 2019. so kindly mention a spacific date So that we can plane for our further projects

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We’re working on this at the moment - As we originally mentioned, we’ll have this available before the August 1 deadline, however we’re hoping to have it ready by next week.

If you have a particularly important update that you’re planning on shipping, then why not aim to release it on July 31? This way you’ll know for certain you won’t encounter any issues.

It might take a little longer to get the Classic update released - at this point I’d recommend that you use Thunkable X, as it is actively being developed and supported at the moment.

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I am afraid that X is not a valid substitute for Classic, some apps make use of features like canvas which is not currently supported in X.
Moreover, there is perhaps the need to address the memory footprint of X application, which apparently load libraries and dependencies that add dozen of megabyte to an .apk file and to the “as installed” memory occupied, when compared with the exact same functions done in Classic.

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That wasn’t clear enough?


We upgraded the target API level to 28 in the platform and just finished testing it. We are planning to roll it out to sometime tomorrow (July 24). We will keep you posted :slight_smile:


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what about Thunkable classic ?


please give api level 28 update on classic also


We just rolled out the update to You can build app with API level 28 now.



X is not a valid substitute for Classic

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we are ready to wait for thunkable classic API level 28 but we want Thunkable Classic only, please let us know how much time it would take.

has classic been updated yet?

how is it going to happen for the apps already in use will it be necessary to redo them? thank you

No, an app that is already in production is still supported for existing devices.
The risk comes from future Android release that may turn out the be incompatible, and suddenly your app is no longer available for those newest machines.

THAT is the risk.

Normally, you’d just make a new apk using a Thunkable package maker that has been upgraded to support the needed API level, without having to change anything to your code; except that Thunkable is unwilling to pledge updating this support going forward. Worse, they even stated that they would NOT support (i.e. implement future API level upgrade) from the end of this year.

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Hello everyone,
So i love making apps on thunkable, but recently I’ve been faceing a very serious issue of api level 28 for thunkable classic and still haven’t seen any post related that, from thunkable team or any update in thunkable classic tommarow is the last day to update my old apps which i have created with thunkable classic please inform me if you have any update.

ThunkableX is updated already which very good and i am trying to get use to thunkableX but still my old apps are my months of hard work just a request to thunkable team please help asap.
And update api level 28 for thunkable classic.


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thank you very much, love u