Google map not zooming initially

I hope I’m missing something simple here. It’s been a while since I’ve played around with Google Maps.

I have a project where I get the phone’s current location using the location sensor and then feed the lat/lon data to a Google Map. And actually, I’ve even simplified that process by just storing hard-coded lat/lon values in a local database and retrieving them.

The event for this is a Data Viewer List item click. Either way, though, the Google Map appears completely zoomed out. It shows the map marker and my location and I can manually zoom in (pinch) to see them better. But if I click the DVL item a second time, it then zooms in correctly (Map1’s Zoom = 4).

It seems like I have the timing off somehow. Do I need a wait block? Should the Zoom value be set before the onMapReady event? Some other way?

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hi, i am experiencing a similar issue. In my very simple app a track line (polyline) into the map is showing the user path.
a) Sometimes when i first start the map even if i set a scale of 5 the map is completely zoomed out (looks like it is -15 as zoom value).
b) Sometimes during runtime as the user moves, the map seems to switch between the zoom selected (5) and something very little value (like -10). it is so weird that sometimes the map switching is completely absorbing resouces and i have to close the app.

the issue seems to become weird if during the runtime i move the map using the fingers.
hope this will help thunkable support! in thunkX we trust! :rofl:

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