Google App Settings Launcher Hits 4,000 Active Users

NOTE: If your phone has Google App Settings. You don’t need this.

In my case my phone is Infinix Note 3 Pro Google App is not found. And i need to reset my Google Advertising ID but cant find the GApp so i made this using Activity starter.
Update as of June 1 2018 4k Plus active users

Update as of May 14 1kplus Active on device

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Some phone has removed the Google Settings under Phone Settings. But actually it was moved to Google Play Service but you will not be able to access it via Google Play service. This app will launch Google Settings from the Google Play service. Think of it as a shortcut.

Google Settings App – 10 Features Every Android User Should Know

  1. Administer your Connected Apps
    Do you remember what services you have allowed to connect to your Google account? Well, In this Google Settings app page you can look for such information as well as the kind of access they have to your account. You can also disconnect any of the connected apps from your account on this page.

  2. Supervise Your Google+ Account
    If you have Google+ installed, then you can manage the Google+ auto-backup feature and account settings. This page consists of your Google drive storage as well. To supervise your Google+ account

  3. Handle your Play Games Notifications
    In the Google Settings app, you can handle Play Games notifications you want to receive from your installed Android games.

  4. Manage Your Search & Now Settings
    In this Google Settings page, you can enable Google Now plus its Search & Now cards feature. All the options under Search & Now cards will help you optimized your Google Now experience, by including personal results on your Google Now cards, web history, contact recognition and plenty others that you can choose from.

  5. Ad Control
    Google Settings also lets you reset your advertising ID (like clearing cookies from your browser) or just opt out of interest-based ads entirely. This gives you more control over the information that is sent to any advertiser serving ads to apps you use.

  6. Enable App Verification To Improve Security
    This is an important feature inside the Google Settings app that we believe all Android users needs to use. You can choose to verify the apps you intend to use to prevent security problems, or harmful apps from being installed. You will also receive a warning regarding potential harm on your Android device by any offending app.

  7. Enable Android Device Manager Features
    if you already have an Android Device Manager app installed, then these settings should already be enabled by default.

  8. Enable Transfer Files Only Over WiFi For Google Drive
    If you use Google Drive on your Android device, then it is probably best that you have this feature enabled to save your data plan as well as your battery life. You can enable “transfer files only over WiFi” for Google Drive in the Google Settings page.

  9. Have Your Device Location Enabled
    For Google and all location-tracking apps to be able to track the location of your device, you need to enable the Location feature. In the Google Settings page you can choose to enable this feature, decide on the level of accuracy, retrieve apps that request your device location and manage your location report based on your Google accounts.

  10. Clear Third-Party App Data Stored Within Your Google Account
    If you would like to clear all third-party app data stored in your Google account



Hi, Nice app, loved the idea ! I downloaded it.
What extension did you use to make this?