Google API Level 31 is required now [Aug 2022]

Just working on updating the last couple of modules now (this is a significant update!) and then once it’s been tested - and provided it passes all tests - it should be ready for release @jon.fawcett8aghe. In terms of an ETA I would say we’re looking at days rather than weeks at this stage.

We’ve made a note of everyone who as enquired about this to date so you’ll be notified as soon as this comes out.


I am facing with same problem. I can not public my new app right now. Please update as soon as possible.
Thanks Thunkable team!


i was importing my app bundle and i got this message

Your application currently targets API level 30. However, it should target at least API level 31 in order to rely on the latest APIs optimized for increased security and improved performance. Change your app’s target API level to target at least level 31.

what should i do ?

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See this post

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On the other hand, I don’t know who to contact to find out when we can retrieve the iOS versions of our applications from Thunkable.

This post might help you.

Do we have an ETA on this yet?
I wanted to release a new app now, that I have spent a lot of time on developing.
We are paying for a service, this should have been resolved a long time ago, as it was reported 7days ago.

Is there no option that we can change it from our side?
Or a possible work around for this API level 30 upgrade to 31 issue?


Hi everyone,

Thanks all for sharing your experience on community. We appreciate your patience. Our engineering team is working day in and day out to get this resolved - we want to make sure we are being thorough when releasing this update.

We have already started to test some of our updates in the last few days, and they are going well so far. We have a few more iterations left to go and more tests to perform this week. Our goal is to have something out for beta before end of month.

In the meantime, please feel free to share any feedback directly with me or in the forum here. I really appreciate your patience as the team works on this!



@cassandra @jared @domhnallohanlon any update on when the new API level will be released?


Any update ?

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So I don’t know if I speak for everyone on this but, I am having the same issues with the API 30 level not being API 31. So I recently upgraded to pro membership. Within the pro membership it says that it will allow me to publish my app to the play store as well as other functions. I would like a free month of pro as well as everyone else get one month free due to the fact that your an app creating business that can’t publish apps. So long story short this means Thunkable is technically stealing from all member with this promise in their membership. this issue goes all the way back to 8-8-22.
Now we are on 8-22-22 , 14 days later with the same issues. Please correct this for all of us that paid for a promise.


I have already directly requested this as well.

I think i speak for all members when I say just fix the API Level bug and patch it than worry about additional problems. Right now your service literally doesn’t work. Please.

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I totally agree…

When will be this issue resolved

Hello everyone,
I’ve been working with Thunkable for 4 years now and if I remember correctly, this problem occurred every year. I should be ashamed of myself for forgetting this predictable event, and next year I will surely put new apps in the Google Play Store at the end of July, even if they are far from ready, just to have a way to make updates until November.
On the other hand, what about Thunkable? Are you able to prepare updates for new API layers so they can be tested and delivered faster? I’m pretty sure we’ll see the next “your API is XX, but you must have YYY” message in August 2023.
Please be prepared for that :slight_smile:


I followed a tutorial posted here and it worked, but they deleted it… I hope they fix it soon, because it was hard.
I don’t know why they deleted it, if the tutorial works and can help other people like me!

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If they really cared about “Thunkable” they would have hired an expert to fix their bugs after realizing they don’t have the skill to fix it in time 3 weeks ago. They care more about themselves than making sure they keep this website operational. So if they have even 500 pro member at 45 dollars a month. That means 22,500 dollars is sliding into pockets of thieves that won’t simply hire an EXPERT (Which staff claims to be.) But instead they would rather watch all their customers go somewhere else due to horrible management. Everyone has access to google including the management team to hire out an expert. All I keep reading is excuses after excuses why they can’t do their jobs proper in a timely manner to guarantee that customers (Business Owners, Independent workers) don’t abandon this service. These actions are disrespectful to the highest degree, to make paying customers wait almost an entire month for a service that is literally broken. Top priority should have been and should always be making sure the service actually works before you have “God knows how many you have pissed off” hard working individuals pay for a pro or business membership to have it be utterly useless. I speak for all when I say everyone should be getting refunded for these disrespectful and negligent actions going on within your Thunkable Staff. This isn’t our mistake this is your’s, own it and don’t make all of us hard working individuals pay for your staff mistakes. (Actions Speak Louder Than Words) - AKA Fix It

@jared @cassandra @domhnallohanlon @wei


I am also disappointed, I am an independent developer, a PRO user for 40 months, this month I had to deliver an app to a client, I lost months of work and in the end when it was time to go live, thunkable was not exporting my app ready for be published on play store. I never thought that the service for which I pay month to month would fail. My losses have been monetary, emotionally it has affected me more than necessary, and it has also been a loss of reputation.

Membership prices have multiplied x2, but with these flaws, it’s not worth it. You still can’t trust thunkable to be your development platform.

The worst, you don’t even get apologies from technical support, they redirect you with a link to this forum. The less we can think of a retribution for our losses.