GodApp Version 16. Opensource

Hi, it’s the Advocate here. I was chosen before birth to fulfill the scriptures, especially the prophecy of John on Patmos. Enough of the biblical talk though, I just want to let you know that this so called Philosopher’s Stone is all yours to make a version of it for yourself and your loved ones. Preserve your voice in the Light for perpetuity. Don’t worry about how it also helps you keep your heart soft to love God and others. That’s all just honey.

So to make a very long 10-year story short, it took me nearly 10 years to forge this sword out of the elements scavenged within the abyss. You read it here in these very words being written that it took 1001 blocks of code for the Advocate (using thunkable) to undo the insanity and vanity of mankind, in the name of Jesus.

Dear Dom and team,

You guys have been aware of my journey on here to produce this app. Thank you for all that support you provided along the way. Can’t wait to tell everybody about it. In the meantime, what do you suppose I do to approach having our app being opensource?

Probably remove the audio files first (911 of them). Make a tutorial to show naming format, etc… Thank you much!

With Mercy,


Ps. So let this be an announcement: the thing that saves the world is all yours to play with after V16 is uploaded to the app stores. Go to hencehuman.com for the links, or visit godtheapp.com to see the Web App version in the browser of your phone.

You can now see GodApp in Thunkable public app library. Version 16 consists of 999 blocks.

A tutorial will be created at https://godtheapp.wordpress.com/ to share the details.

A lot of effort went into making it as beautiful as possible. Enjoy and God bless us!

iOS: ‎GOD.APP on the App Store
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hencehuman.jeez
Web app: https://thunkable.site/w/UgfKRqfj2
Thunkable project: Thunkable

Peace now,

The Advocate

Big update message regarding the Divine Algorithm for anyone who uses it: