Getting any component from non cloned components

I’m having trouble understanding why this isn’t working.
The button5 component at the bottom is just me debugging to make sure I’m seeing the correct width.

I’ve tried putting a list component in front of the purple all text input component too

Thanks for any help

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This is logically incorrect.

The green text_input expects a single component but you are passing it a list of components which will not work.

The same is true for setting the width property of the component. It is expecting a single value not a list and certainly not a list of a list.

Ok so how would I edit all the widths of all of inputs?

In the end it’s not a list of a list, it’s properly getting a single value of the largest width of all the inputs.

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Loop through them changing each one.


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Did you try this method? I am getting no result from this.

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K I did some testing, all my text inputs are in rows first.

I had to do a loop within a loop first but it’s working now.