Geting info from firebase problem?

Hi! Do anyone know how can I do this without errors? I dont know why… It gets correctly the values but only show some buttons in the process, not all of them.
If I change the seconds to wait, show different buttons… I dont know what is going on


Do you have the buttons in a list? If I am understanding correctly, you want certain buttons to become visible after getting data from Firebase correct? Can you explain a little more what the data is and how it works with your buttons?

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I have the buttons visible false in a column, I need to set them visible true when it get a value not null from firebase… but they don’t answer correctly to the process

Have you done any debugging?

Where does that process break down?

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Only shows button 1 and 4… instead of the first 4 buttons
And if I change the “wait time” only shows 1 button… it’s very strange
(there are 21 buttons but i didnt make al the variables yet, I m testing…)

Does each button connect to a specific variable from Firebase, meaning if value “potato” is returned button 2 gets set to visible or what is the purpose of 21 buttons? I’ve noticed the “null” block has some bugs. Try checking for null this way. (Note: you dont have to use the UPPERCASE test like I did).

Null test


At first I tried with the control block “If else = null etc”… But it was something wrong, I delete that to test, and… Without that… there is a bug… with this blocks when screen starts… the first four buttons should be set to visible true… but only two done right… and if I change the “time to wait” other button shows visible instead of that two… Is very strange…

So if your blocks are supposed to be visible upon load but only certain ones are staying visible, check your blocks to make sure you arent running a process to set certain ones to visible=false. If youre pulling data from Firebase and the data returned is supposed to trigger changing your buttons visible to false then you most likely have a process mixed up or its setting the buttons visible due to null=true.


I m sure that is everything “thine” The buttons are visible false, when screen starts should turn visible true… And that is not happening with all of them… but their names, the blocks, everything is right…

Theres gotta be some blocks that are set wrong or there is a procedure being run that is changing it. Keep looking lol, ive gone round and round and realized it was something super simple that was either in the wrong place OR I set something wrong. If youre willing to post your project we could open it and run it but other than that it is really hard to diagnose.

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I ve checked everything :sob: :sob: I tested changing times, changing everything…

try making buttons appear 1 at a time. starting with 1, then 1-2, then 1-3, then 1-4, all the way until you can make all appear

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I did that… If you see each button have the name “Button_Game1” 2,3,4
So each time that repeat the process it should set visible a new button

but this is not happening

It should, but it’s not. which means you need to figure out what broke. So make one button visible.

if you can do that, add a second, then a third


Are each of your buttons saved in a list in a variable? I am also wondering if the “repeat until” block is throwing this off OR if it is re-running the procedure each time thus resetting the buttons. However, that is just a wild guess LOL. If you’re not comfortable posting your project (which I understand) maybe direct message it to me and/or jared so we can open the app and see what is going on.


Thanks! I will send you both the link