Get Total Value From firebase!

I have data in firebase! I want to get sum of total from (Total Sqft) get total|427x500:

please help me someone!

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I added the image you linked to so that it appears in the post.

You can learn how to loop through Firebase data and sum values here:

Source: I Googled loop sum Firebase Thunkable and the link above was the first result.

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The only way is to loop through the data in your Firebase database and sum the required values. See the example in the post shared by @tatiang

Thanks your replay sir,
I tried same as your blocks but small error is there please help me I will add photos.


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When doing math operations, you need to be sure that values are numeric type. To do that, just use math block +0 to convert any text value that looks as a number to a number.
As I see it from your first screen, values are kept as text in Firebase (" are there).
Example: 1=“1”+0
Your result looking as a large number with dots between is just a concatenated text there, for the reason I explained.


Save the values to the list this way

This will force the values stored as text to be converted to numbers and the sum will work.

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Great Sir it’s Working Properly Very Big Thanks Sir.


Glad it worked for you.

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