Get Row and Create Row


I need some help. I am trying to get a row from 1 spreadsheet and then move that row into a new spreadsheet. So far, I get the row and it comes back as an object Object. I want to take that object and create a new row in a spreadsheet.

This isn’t working : (

missing the variable

Still no luck :frowning:

This is what my object Object looks like when Generate JSON format… I don’t know how to put this in a spreadsheet…


See scrJSON in

I figured out how to get and upload string… But I’m Stuck with images… one of my columns (badges) contains attachments… I don’t know how to unpackage the attachment so that I can send it to Airtable… Any help on this one would be great. I circled the part that has the attachment and the blocks i thought might work but dont : (

Unpacking attachments is also given in the example I gave you a link to. If you have difficulties, then use the “cabbage method” when you consistently tear off the cabbage sheets in order to get to the sheets that are inside. To do this, first get the node that contains the attachment and see how this attachment is organized. Then add the next block to your block to access the attachment node and see if it worked. Using this method, you can open attachments that are located at any depth.