Get link from current page in web viewer to create variable

I wan’t to open a selected video in web viewer in the Google Drive app, where the video file is located. The files must be streamed from Google Drive and no other platform as such.

When I click on a video in web viewer now it opens it inside of the web viewer and not in Google Drive. The web viewer will not play the videos for me nicely in landscape.

I tried using the open link block but sadly by using get url from web viewer it only gets the entered web url that you enter at the start. Is there any way of going about this? And if so i would love to know!


Hi @eoinparkinson

Unfortunately full screen playback is not supported at this time.

We are working on bringing out an improved WebViewer though, and if you can tell me a bit more about the type of app your are trying to build I’d be able to communicate this to the team.


Hi i made a work around using Firebase and lists. I have the app working the way i want it to but would be even better if thunkable x supported fullscreen playback. many thanks, Eoin.

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The component should have the function, which at each web request makes us intercept the current link to decide whether to switch from portrate to landscape, as did the extension of the web on classic.
I need to turn the screen when I access a page but I don’t know how to get this value, I can only do it when I press back or when starting the application.