Getting data from the web viewer to begin an instruction

Is it possible to get info from the web viewer function if you don’t own the web page? For example, when I click a certain link inside the web viewer, I would like to start a certain instruction, such as going to a different project screen.
In my case it would be once a specific place in google maps is clicked to go to a different project screen.
This is because I find the map markers on thunkable finicky and it would be better to use the ones already placed in google maps.

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That would be a far fetched goal.

Phrased like that it does seem hard, for example when you click on a business in google maps, it has it own web link. For example: Google Maps

Is there a way that when for example this link is searched with the web viewer inside the app to launch an instruction. Not just this link but with any link for that matter. When a specific thing is searched with the web viewer, do something.

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