Webviewer auto click on specific button on the web page

hello community I have an application that uses the web viewer I need to add an auto click on a specific button to facilitate the user experience. the idea would be to click a button in the app to happen in the web viewer. thanks

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Use Web Viewer Extension to communicate between the app and the web page you are viewing.

Of course this means you have control of the web page or at least edit permission.

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can i use this extension in Thunkable X?

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See this demo from Thunkable.


This is the GitHub reference

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So as the website does not belong to me, it will not be possible to use this function. but I thought of another option that would be to send the text that is on the web viewer button to the text button in my app. it would be possible? and how do i do it? thanks

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Can you explain with more details? I did not get what you mean.

So there is a confirmation button on the site that says “Confirm” but it can also say “Confirmed” I want to get text from that button. I’ve tried several options and I can’t solve it.

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