Get from point A to B in a building, with directions

Note: Both point A and B are selected by the user from a list of locations in the building.

I am making an app for school, and it is for new students in the school to find their way around as it is a big building. I am trying to brainstorm for ideas, the question is:

How to get from point A to B, when point A or B can be any location that is specified in a list.

The app must be able to look at the start point and end point, and work out a route. Each landmark as such would be a photo of a hallway, or room, etc.

Is there a name for an algorithm for this that I could look into, or does anyone have any ideas?

I can only think of separating the building into sections and making shorts lists specifying which sections to get from A to B.

All help, if any, is much appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s called pathfinding but I’m no expert on it.

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See Here

This looks complicated but you can do it and share back when you figure it out!!

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What a great site! The pathfinding section is really interesting:

And there’s also a section on hexagonal tiles which I did for a prior project. I ended up figuring them out on my own but that page would have helped a lot.