Lisnex - Your city guide

Background information:

Lisnex is a new travel app which provides you the possibility to compile your individual city tour. The App is made with Thunkable X and is currently only available in German language and includes two cities: Würzburg and London (more coming). The app is available for both systems IOS and Android.

How it works:

Consider the following example: You are visiting London for a few days with your friends and you have no idea what to do here. First thing you could do is reading a travel guide, but this is a very time-consuming process. Alternatively, you could book a city tour with a local guide or use existing travel apps. In both cases the city tour will be a predefined route and you have no option to choose the sights you really want to see.

With Lisnex you can easily choose the sights you want to visit. The App then calculates the best route and your individual city tour will be displayed on a map. If you want to get more information about a particular sight you can press the sound button.

Basically, there are four steps to take:

  • Choose a city
  • Choose the sights you want to visit
  • Select your starting point (Your own location as a starting point only works if you are located in one hour range to the city)
  • The route will be displayed on Google Maps – here you can click on the sound button to get more information about the sights

Thank you:

I would like to thank the Thunkable Team and of course the whole community. Without you guys this wouldn’t be possible. Especially I would like to thank @actech who helped me a lot with his contributions in the forum.

You can download the app here:

Google Play:

App Store:

I hope you guys like my app :blush: Any advice and feedback is highly appreciated!



Update: Since yesterday my app is also available for IOS!

Here you can see a short demonstration video:

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Hey, can you describe, how you made routes system. I need it for my project, but I I found only one way how I can do it - with Google Directions API, but it costs some money. If you used your way, please describe it, I will be very happy.

Hey, of course can I help you. Do you have a specific question? What I can say is that I use the Google directions API in order to get the route between the locations. As my locations are always fixed I only call the API once and save it to a database. Only if the user selects his own location as a starting point I call the API from the app. For now the free calls to the API are enough for me. Hope this helps a bit