Get data without API

you’ll need one thing to access data from your device

file:///C:/Users/MS/Desktop/ - link to paste on the web viewer

Can you explain how to select data in the web viewer and show it inside components in the app?

The web viewer component will try to render any html you pass to it but how you use the blocks to select the data required and pass it to the components ( such as labels) in the app.


oh confused @muneer the web viewer alone can show all the deatails maybe see it to confirm:

Hey man. This doesn’t make sense. Your last screenshot shows nothing related to your post.

And, this would only potentially work on a pc and not an android/max/iPhone

None of the rest have the c://

Plus, what data did you retrieve this way. You are unclear about that as in you didn’t mention or show that at all

Then, what do you do to process the data once you retrieve the data?


hope this solves the problem.

yes, C:// which is Computer:// is what you’ve ment. sure then for pc’s only.


than what compares, as which is comparing device’s software so sure we’ll need one thing for that.