Generator with 2-3 rows of text

I’d like to make a random phrase generator, using sentence fragments that are 1-9 words long. The longer fragments do not wrap, so just the first 3 or so words appear in the generator. I’ve tried to Join button, putting the first part of the sentence in line 1, the second part in line 2- but in the app, only the top line appears.

The link is here:

thanks! Laurie

Try This.


thanks, I’ll give it a shot!

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Also you don’t need the join box… all it does is join the 2 words into one… so simply just have another text box with TOP BOTTOM or 2 separate ones for those if you want them separate.

it works for me - because i resized the width of label1 to be shorter but i increased the vertical height - it forces the extra words to wrap:

or you can always force a line break using this method (see ‘top bottom’)

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Sorry i miss understood the initial question. Why don’t you resize your label?

Resizing the label did the trick, I apologize for writing the question so obtusely! Thanks so much everyone!


No worries… there’s also an option on the label to set it to “fit the contents”. So it will automatically resize according to the length of the text.

thank you!


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