Gaming Guide App

I successfully Thunked a Gaming Guide app where User can get all the required info about the game and easily win the game You can check the app here If this app cross 500 downloads it will be opensourced so support me

Hi, @Sabin_thunker

I want to say something irrelevant to the application.
Firstly, sorry for this but I remember that Google’s Product Sans font is prohibited for anyone other than Google. This font is not even found on Google’s Fonts site. Are you sure you can use it freely?

Everything is From google coz i am using HTML and Css for this app and i used google fonts for that
font i used : Tahoma,Arial,Verdana,Helvetica,sans-serif

I just looked at the screen shots. I figured it out after I installed the application. :neutral_face:

Wow bro you made a gaming guide of which i was looking for… i found many guides but was not satisfactory… Thank you for the guide

And i’ve already downloaded the app and even rated 5 stars😋

Thanks For downloading Is you find any problem in app then tell me

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Also, you made good a game guide. :smile: I will support with giving 5 stars in Google Play.

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Nice app :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There is one thing though.
Honestly, I think you used the “free fire guide” banner to much.

But otherwise, it’s a nice and usefull app :smiley:

Thanks for your review I hope to make it more better in next update