Fun Share: HOROSKOV - horoscopes via Markov chain

i just created a thunkable “app” (pardon the UI) that generates horoscopes using a Markov chain.
First it loads the source horoscopes (maybe 200 lines) into the Markov chain and it’s ready.
here are some outputs (they almost sound like real horoscopes).

rather than trying to explain Markov chains, i will just include picture to give you an idea what kind of information is collected from the source when loading the Markov chain, then subsequently how it is used to generate a sample sentence (not so meaningful in this example but it’s the best i could come up with).

the starting word is a random word from starting words then it goes through the matrix to get the next word - a random selection from the list of all possible next-words (column B) that may follow the current word. this word then becomes the current word to search in column A and the process repeats until the next-word selected is detected as an ending word. then the sentence is complete. a couple more of the same and you got a handful of cosmic advice!

here’s the link to the project.