Frame around icon on phone?

Anyone know if there is a way to make the starter icon fill all its square space in the phone?
What I mean is, in the design view I uploaded an icon wich is basically a big green square, but when I install the app on my phone the starter icon that appears has a grey/empty space frame. I would like the image I have uploaded to fill all the space, so it is basically all green.
I have tried with various sizes up to 512px, so it is not a problem of the green square I upload being too small to fill the icon area.

same problem with this icon i created?

Yes, I uploaded your icon and installed the app on my phone. Look at the screenshot I attached, an automatic grey/empty frame is around the green square. I would like to fill all the icon area. In the case of your icon the fram is even larger, because the image already has an empty space frame.

But this is problem of your launcher, no?
As you can see Maps and WhatsApp also do this

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@barreeeiroo say’s it right. there is no problem with your green image icon. there is a “problem” with all of your icons. i think you need another launcher.

Yeah i tried some other themes and some of them let the icon fill the whole area. The mayority though still put some kind of frame around the icon. Still dont understand why it is not possible to bypass that, seeing that for example the clock, calendar and gallery icons in the screenshot i uploaded all fill the whole icon area.

Well anyway it is just a detail, i wanted a full icon because in my final icon there will be a pic of a face and i wanted it to be as big as possible to make it more recognizable.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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