Forever loop runs regardless of which UI screen

I have a Location Sensor that runs in a Forever Loop in the Screen 1 Blocks. Based on a counter that I inserted in that Forever Loop, it appears that the Loop continues to operate even when we go to a second Screen. I was assuming that the blocks from Screen1 would not operate when the user switches to Screen 2. But I’m wondering now if all of the blocks from all of the screens really effectively form one massive program, and a Forever Loop would continue to operate regardless of which screen is being used. Does anyone know if this is correct?

I would assume the same as you.

Can you post a link to a project that demonstrates this issue?

Good morning tatiang,

Here is (I hope) a link to a test project that demonstrates that a Forever Loop that is created for one screen will continue to run while you are in another screen. This is NOT a problem, rather it is an advantage for me for my project. I was just trying to understand the mechanics of the code to understand why this works. Thanks very much.

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Yep, I see what you mean. I don’t think that’s the intended behavior of your blocks but as you said, it works.

@conroy33, this seems related to this issue: How to toggle between screens and retain their contents - #5 by tatiang

Or are these the desired behaviors for these two projects?

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