First Project is not showing up in iOS test mode


We are trying to build an app for our 5th grade PYP unit. We have done a lot of work but have just started to test to app on our iPad. Test mode is not working. We have build a second “test” app and it appears in test mode just fine. I am hoping an expert out here can help us identify what the problem may be. I am sharing our code sop you may look it over and give us any suggestions on what to do next.

Please hurry, we are hoping to publish by this coming Thursday for our exhibition night for our parents. Thank you!

Just quickly looking over the project ( I currently am doing development only on Android so cannot vouch for the iOS side; and still essentially relying on the classic, as opposed to X ) I notice in your Quiz page a total of 4 instances of “when Button2 click”, 3 of which end up doing the same thing (navigating to Compliment). I am surprised by that, as in classic, only ONE instance of a button click should be allowed; and cannot decide if this is a new way to implement events (one event can trigger multiple instance) or simply the lack or error reporting on duplication.
The point here being that there is no way to know which will be triggered first; will the system check for “Sad” or “Meh” first?
I would recommend a single block with “if”/“else if” logic.
The Compliment page is also quite weird. There are, again, duplicate button click blocks, but one of them is even setting a timer to enable before immediately disabling it (why?) while the other is making an object (Loading_Icon1) visible and then invisible. At the speed those machines CPU run, it would not even flash on the screen. Even more bizarre is the action of the button click to disable the button (itself!). In the absence of anything to enable the button, it will never be clickable more than once. Is that the intention?


Are you creating that app in X.thunkable ??

Yes we are.

If you remove that explicit Stack Navigator that you created you should then be able to see your app. That navigator is currently empty (i.e. has no screens within it) so it doesn’t show anything and it has no way to navigate to any of your other screens.

Just FYI, it’s normally worth using the Live Test app throughout your app development, rather than just near the end. Then you can catch problems sooner.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you Mark. We got it to work. And yes, next time we will be live testing the whole time. Lesson learned.

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