Firebase user account systems

I am entirely certain that this question has been posed before however, i haven’t seen it discussed outside of the ClassicArchive.

id like to ask if we could make a combined thread, filled with a general “how to” in creating a Firebase
cloud variable storage, user accounts, etc. to be pinned with the current thunkable blocks and ui.

i could not find anything, but i’m sorry if this exists already

Hi @bluerfox15uht9,

When working with Firebase, it is good practice to store all of the users information under their UUID, which is provided by Firebase auth. This then allows you to create firebase security rules so only that user can read/write their own data. There are many videos and docs online detailing Firebase rules, which are written in json.

The uuid’s can be stored under an attribute named users if you would like to keep your database somewhat clean.

Just want to start by saying; Thanks for the reply,

Im aware of the user id numbers that are created when someone punches their email into it and hits confirm.

However, I was more talking about making a “how to” on the thunkable site. Which I and anyone else could benefit from. I mean, the point of thunkable is to streamline the process of making some fairly simple to intermediately complex apps.

However the “variable” section that shows up lacks basically anything in the ways of explanation.

For example, the block needed shows an error block attached to the “returns” section but, when you pull the block, that error block is nowhere to be found.

There are small things like that which I think are lacking, that all.

Plus, I’m a native English speaker… And I can’t understand half of the youtube videos I should have paid attention in forign language classes :confounded:

Are you having issues with cloud variables or the actual real-time db component. I always use the real-time db component, never touched cloud variables.

The error block is very useful. It let’s you know if somethings up, and you can show an alert to the user if something went wrong.

I don’t quite understand any issues you’re having. Could you provide a scenario? Have you had any success with uploading or retrieving to firebase at all?

I’m just saying that the availabile info needs touching up or just a “one stop shop” thread or whatever. It took me all last week to get cloud anything to work. The only example they give is a pain, too. A translator 🤷

Plus, cloud variables would be simpler fog something like storing someone’s preferences, for example, they set their height and weight and the cloud variable shows that and stores it under their user id.

Ah okay. I initially perceived this as that you couldn’t get something to work. I’m guessing this is more kind of feedback about the documentation?

Also I think the translator is a direct component of Thunkable. This wouldn’t be affiliated with the real-time database or cloud variables, unless you are building your own one or connecting to an external api endpoint.

Eh, I guess? But yhea, I personally was trying to use it to get it to store the year, make, and model of a car, but I personally and still having a hard time.

I might switch to the db, but it’s just something I noticed. Thanks, man. A database would be more involved with this, but I’ll try and get it. If I have anything I can’t find the answer for I’ll just make a post.

Thanks for your time, man

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