Firebase personal data. help!

I’m creating a project that includes the user data in the firebase, but I need to separate the data per user! I want to do as in thunkable classic where we can use the IMEI to separate the data per user! Anyone know how to do it on Thunkable X?

A few things you can do.

  1. Generate a random number that starts for each user and then store it locally. It is like a unique-ID. The problem with that is if the app is deleted then the number is gone.

  2. Have people enter in an email address, store it locally and also in firebase. When they delete the app they need to re-enter their email . Problem with this is they can use a fake email.

You have a few options instead of IMEI for X. Do those help?

and you know how can i creat a id with the email adress and save data for diferents poeple?