Firebase get data - List Empty

I’m trying to create an APP to register contacts by location.

Register blocks:


But, i can’t list the registered items on the city page. No item is shown in the list.

Search blocks:

What’s wrong?

Is what you list as “Firebase” what you hope to get, or what you actually got?

Because it seems to me your registration is not making one record with one key to 3 items, but 3 different records with 3 different keys.

Sorry, I did not explain everything.
I need to list the tags (location code) below the city (Barueri).

I will go on a limb here and assume that the “registration” is done properly, and that “Firebase” snapshot is what you have as opposed to what you hope to get.

What are you supposed to get when you Get a component using the key Barueri?

That, I assume, is supposed to be “{20 {3040 {cidade: Barueri, mapa: 20, nome: Cleyton} } }”
That would be the value of ‘value’.

But notice that they are all clumped together?
Don’t you think that something is needed to parse that in sub-component, using “generate JSON from object” or something like that?